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Crafted Pittsburgh confections, Reminiscent of yesteryear with a unique perspective
by hGrace Confections.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Folks we have paused all production of our Confections for a few months, as we prepare to announce some very exciting news. This was not an easy decision to make, however it was necessary. Stay tuned and Thank YOU Sincerely!

You can still order gift cards to use later this year.
We anticipate some time during the summer months to be back online.
MALTLETS are still available ordering online here.

Creamy smooth, decadent MALTLETS® is our signature malted milk chocolate confection. Our gourmet MALTLETS® will have your taste buds popping with the delicious taste of creamy smooth malted milk chocolate.  Malted milk has been around since the mid 1840’s. Malt milk is natural and has a nicely sweet complex taste. Folks have been enjoying malted milk for quite some time now.

Signature chocolate confection aptly named MALTLETS. MALTLETS are creamy smooth malted milk chocolate centers coated in a gourmet all natural milk chocolate.
Malted Milk Chocolate MALTLETS crafted in a 72% Dark Chocolate decadence.
our signature decadent malted milk chocolate confection
Malted Milk Chocolate MALTLETS Original crafted by hGrace Confections Pittsburgh
Malted Milk Chocolate MALTLETS Original 72% Dark Chocolate crafted by hGrace Confections Pittsburgh
Peanut Butter and Malted Milk Chocolate decadence.
MALTLETS Original is a creamy smooth malted milk chocolate bite, deliciously decadent malted milk chocolate coated in 72% dark chocolate.
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hGrace Confections is small batch, handcrafted confections company located a few minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. Our confections are made locally, from the heart, with our hands, for you to ENJOY!

We look for simply natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our confections are truly simple and (from what we have been told), AMAZING.

Our confections are available at Farmers Markets, pop up events (listed below) and hGrace Confections Square Online Shop. Enjoy our all natural goodness, yumminess! You certainly deserve to treat yourself!

Farm fresh milk CARAMELS
Homemade caramels made with farm fresh milk, topped with a slight pinch of sea salt flake. All natural ingredients of today, while bringing out an exceptional old-world taste. Creamy smooth, rich tasting, melt-in-your mouth delicious homemade caramels, with an incredible taste.

You can taste the creamy rich farm fresh milk for yourself. We pride ourselves on the natural ingredients that brings out the richness in our Caramels. Farm fresh milk has never tasted so good, in our opinion.

Caramel varieties currently available, we have a wide variety of natural caramel flavors throughout the year; (Original is without sea salt flake on top).

CARAMEL FLAVORS currently available Jan 19, 2024

Pittsburgh Nostalgic traditional Vanilla Caramel
London Fog and Vanilla salted Caramel
Lavender Vanilla salted Caramel
Kentucky Bourbon with fresh orange zest Caramel
all natural salted Butterscotch Caramel
Pittsburgh farm fresh milk salted CHAI Caramel.
Semidark chocolate salted Caramel with a note of vanilla.
Cold Brew Coffee Caramels from Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Dairy Free Caramel by H Grace Confections
Nostalgic (traditional) Vanilla salted Caramel
Creamy smooth salted London Fog Caramel
Lavender infused farm fresh milk with a pinch of sea salt flake.
Kentucky Bourbon Caramel crafted by hGrace Confections Pittsburgh
Freshly crafted rich Butterscotch Caramel with slight pinch of sea salt flake.
CHAI Caramel infused with the incredible natural taste of CHAI tea.
H Grace Confections creamy smooth Fudgy Brownie Chocolately Caramel.
Pittsburgh Caramels crafted with farm fresh milk and Cold Brew Coffee.
Dairy Free Caramel crafted by hGrace Confections llc
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Pittsburgh Business is bringing back Nostalgic Confection Treats.
Pittsburgh Business hGrace Confections is bringing back Nostalgic Confection treats.
Dave Romesburg, owner of H Grace Confections, is here to talk to us about his operation and the unique backstory.

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hGrace Confections Square open 24×7 ONLINE!

Markets, Events and where you can find our handcrafted Caramels and MALTLETS.
you can email us with any questions in the meantime.

Certified Kitchen Address is
Pittsburgh, PA 15136

Business Hours
Mon – Fri:  8 am – 5 pm
Sat: 8 am – 3 pm