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Bloomfield Saturday Winter Market (Dec 5th start)
11am – 2pm
1st and 3rd Saturday through March
5050 Liberty Avenue

Lawrenceville Winter Market – Arsenal Park
Tues. 3 – 6 pm
December 8th and 15th 2020
note: Online events listed further below

We are a small batch, handcrafted confections company located a few minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Pa.  Our confections are made locally, from the heart, with our hands, for you to ENJOY! And when we say ENJOY, we mean it!

At hGrace Confections, llc All of our Chocolate Confections are Made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniawe have taken our time perfecting what we feel is the perfect small batch decadent treat. We hope you agree this was time well spent.

We put ‘A Unique Perspective on Nostalgic Confection Favorites’.  Our  special twist on those amazing hGrace Confections, llc. has a Unique Perspective on Nostalgic Confection Favorites!comfort treats we know and love so well.  We look for simple and natural ingredients without all of the additives.  Our confections are truly simple and (from what we have been told), amazing.

Our utterly Caramels are from a recipe that has been handed down for generations, updated with a few  ingredients for today, while bringing out an exceptional old-world taste.  Our utterly Caramels are rich tasting, and creamy-smooth with a delicious nostalgic caramel taste.

utterly Caramel natural varieties currently available; (Original is without sea salt flake on top). Did you know all of our currently listed Caramels are Gluten Free.

[we do have a variety of seasonal Caramels, pls check back as well]
Pumpkin Sp
ice w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free) *back in season!
Butterscotch Nouveau w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)
Nostalgic w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)
Nostalgic Original (GF | Gluten Free)
ESPRESSO w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)
CHAI  w/sea salt flake(GF | Gluten Free)
Gingerbread w/sea salt flake(GF | Gluten Free) *back in season!

Chocolately w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)

No MOO (sold out)(dairy free) w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)


 hGrace Confections MALTLETS® a confections favorite. Decadent Malted Milk Chocolates bites with a gourmet malted milk center.

MALTLETS® non-GMO, with an exceptional decadent Malted Milk Chocolate center. Crafted-in a silky smooth milk chocolate or velvety smooth 72% dark chocolate.  Our gourmet MALTLETS® will have your taste buds popping with the delicious taste of malt.  MALTLETS®  Malted Milk Chocolate Bites is our signature gourmet confection.

MALTLETS® have a creamy deliciously smooth rich taste, elevated, if you will.  Malted milk has a natural and nicely sweet complex taste, in our opinion. Malted milk has been around since the mid 1840’s, yet it doesn’t taste that old.

our MALTLETS®  have that wonderful malt taste. Reminiscent of yesteryear, updated for today by hGrace Confections,  with A Unique Perspective on Nostalgic Confections.

Discover and Experience A Unique Perspective on Nostalgic Favorites. We take confection favorites of the past and update it for today! Experience and Discover Pittsburgh’s Nostalgic, hand crafted, small batch Chocolates and Confections for yourself.

hGrace Confections are A Unique Perspective on Nostalgic Confection Favorites. Our utterly Caramels made with All Natural Ingredients, No Preservatives, Butter and Natural Flavors. MALTLETS® are Malted Milk Chocolate Bites, crafted-in decadent Milk or 72% dark chocolate.

Farmers Markets & Markets carrying hGrace Confections.

Online 2020 Events (below)
join hGrace Confections, along with 150 regional artisans
2 different online events:
(TB Announced) 10 day Crafty Market (10 day event date not yet posted)
host by Hosted by Cleveland BazaarI Made It! Market and Crafty Mart
sign up, and details at www.shopholidayhandmade.com/

currently you can find us at the following; 

My Goodness | Regent Square 1104 S Braddock Ave. 15218

Bloomfield Saturday Winter Market (Dec 5th start)
11am – 2pm
1st and 3rd Saturday through March
5050 Liberty Avenue

Tuesdays 3 – 6 pm (Winter Market hrs)
December 8th and 15th 2020 (remaining)
Arsenal Park – 250 40th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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hGrace Confections are made in PA.
Made in Pennsylvania

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