Reminiscent of yesteryear crafted confections by hGrace Confections llc.
A Unique Perspective on Nostalgic Confections.

Creamy smooth and decadent MALTLETS® is our signature malted milk chocolate bites confection. Our gourmet MALTLETS® will have your taste buds popping with the delicious taste of creamy smooth malted milk chocolate.  

Malted milk is natural and has a nicely sweet complex taste. Malted milk has been around since the mid 1840’s, yet it doesn’t taste that old (littl’ joke).

hGrace Confections is a small batch, handcrafted confections company located a few minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. Our confections are made locally, from the heart, with our hands, for you to ENJOY!

We look for simply natural ingredients no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our confections are truly simple and (from what we have been told), AMAZING.

Our signature creamy-smooth MALTLETS® Malted Milk Chocolate Bites and farm fresh milk, melt-in-your mouth salted Caramels are available @ Farmers Markets, and Events (listed below) and hGrace Confections Square Online Shop.
Enjoy our all natural goodness, yumminess! You certainly deserve to treat yourself!

Our homemade caramels or carmels are made with farm fresh milk, topped with a slight pinch of sea salt flake. Updated with natural ingredients of today, while bringing out an exceptional old-world taste. Truly creamy smooth, rich tasting and melt-in-your mouth delicious homemade caramels with an incredible taste.

You can taste the creamy rich farm fresh milk for yourself. We pride ourselves on the natural ingredients and richness of our Caramels. Farm fresh milk has never tasted so good, in our opinion.

Caramel varieties currently available; (Original is without sea salt flake on top).

updated Jan 29th 2023

[we do have a variety of seasonal Caramels*, pls check back as well]

Butterscotch Nouveau w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)
COLD BREW coffee w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)
Kentucky Bourbon w/fresh grated orange zest w/ssf (GF)
Spiced Irish Cream w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)
Nostalgic (vanilla) w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)
Nostalgic Original (vanilla) (GF | Gluten Free)
Fudgy Brownie Chocolately (fudgy brownie like) w/sea salt flake (GF | Gluten Free)

No MOO | dairy free – coconut milk with vanilla (GF) – available in summer season
* demand for our dairy free Caramels has been up and down throughout 2022.
2023 season we will have dairy free available mainly during summer months, and a few of the larger attended events.

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what folks have to say about hGrace Confections.

"I placed a custom holiday order from hGrace Confections and Dave was a pleasure to work with! He made ordering easy and enjoyable, and then he personally delivered my order. It was a HUGE hit and I am definitely recommending hGrace, Dave, and their delicious products to everyone I know. I originally met Dave at the Bloomfield Farmers Market, where he was giving out free samples! What a find."

AnneMarie T

hGrace Confections Square open 24×7 ONLINE!

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Online, Farmers Markets, Events and our upcoming retail space.

2023 events

where you can find our Caramels and MALTLETS. this events space will be continually updated as we are approved for more Farmer Markets, Event, and exciting happenings. updated Jan 21st 2023
you can email us with any questions in the meantime.

Greensburg (indoor) Night Market – new event space
The Venue Live! (second floor of the casino) 5-9pm
Feb 23 and March 24

February 2023
Saturday February 4th – I Made It! Mine
The Block Northway 12noon til 5pm

Feb 10th 2023
‘Gal’entine’s Day Happy Hour 5:30p – 7:30p
South Hills Country Club SHCC
4305 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

May 2023

May 11 2023 – Thursday
Mother’s Day Happy Hour 5:30p – 7:30p
South Hills Country Club SHCC
4305 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

1111 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
currently have our creamy smooth farm fresh milk Caramels in stock,
Including our Pittsburgh Variety Caramels.
Enjoy and help keep them in stock!

Bloomfield WINTER MARKETWe will be back at the Saturday Market in the Spring.

We are working on a number of new flavors for 2023. We think your taste buds will appreciate!

our Caramels are available at the following shops:
Local Provisions Market & Cafe
1111 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, Pa 15238

Highlands Market (near Seven Springs)

Thank you sincerely for supporting our small business this 2022 season at the following Farmers Markets, Pittsburgh events and Pop Ups:
Bethel Park Farmers Market – dates Tues. 3p – 7p
30 Corrigan Dr, Bethel Park, PA 15102
Folks THANK YOU for a wonderful 1st season for hGrace Confections.
See you in 2023, we can’t wait!

Market Square Farmers Market – Thursday 10a – 2p
Folks THANK YOU Sincerely!

Hopefully this was the first of many summer Market Square Farmers Markets for hGrace Confections. We had such a great time!

I Made It! Market events
As ALWAYS your support is appreciated more than any words can express!

Sewickley Unique Boutique and Sweetwater Events
Our first season in Sewickley area, THANK YOU so much for showing your support, and SINCERELY welcoming hGrace Confections to the Sewickley area.
Looking for to many more events in 2023. Thank You folks! Dave

we hand craft a Unique Perspective/twist on Nostalgic Confection favorites. Creamy smooth MALTLETS® malted milk chocolate bites and farm fresh milk salted Caramels.