our Story

Our Story IS about our Mom, Helen Grace (Lentz) Romesburg, my SOLE (being the only one) and SOUL inspiration in life. My intention is to give folks a true glimpse of our Mom, as best I can. My inspiration for My Life, My Soul, My Love and starting hGrace Confections, llc.

our roots go back to 1938, the year Helen Grace Lentz was born.

Where do you start a story about someone who is larger than life yet shy, genuine, loving and humble as any-one person can possibly be?  Our Mom, Helen Grace Lentz came from a family of 10 (ten) children and two loving parents, Ruth and Merrill Lentz, Sr., I feel thankful and blessed, I was old enough to get to know them and continue to vividly recall many times spent with Moms parents. Mom was very close to her parents, they were a huge part of Mom and our lives. Our time was spent laughing, loving and cherishing each and every moment together, as a family.

While our family was growing up, from my memory; Mom lived an almost impossible challenging array of family life and events, (in my words), even up to a few months before Mom passed unexpectedly in 2012. I’ve realized over the years, there are some-things you will never be able to wrap your mind around. Mom truly gave, and had to give 150% every minute of every single day.

Helen Grace Lentz, our Mom was 22 yrs old in this photo.

Moms love was unconditional, we felt her love, always! Mom showed you who she was every single day, Mom truly lived the person she was.

I feel Mom wrote the book on Humility, focus on what you love and live for in life. Every step of your amazing journey will take you places you have yet to imagine. As Mom told us many times over, ‘I live for my kids and family!’

Our Christmases were nearly storybook;  we would go to bed on Christmas eve and wake to a Christmas Wonderland 6 hours later.  Suddenly there was this beautifully decorated tree, presents that never disappointed,  and wrapping paper seemingly everywhere, it was crazy, and always FUN! Somewhat controlled chaos with 6 of us wanting to unwrap our presents at the same time. Every year growing up, and well into our adult years, Mom never changed.  I can still vividly recall Mom saying ‘open one present at a time.’ Mom genuinely wanted to see our expression as we unwrapped the perfect gift Mom spent time knowing we would enjoy, and we did.  I still laugh thinking about some of the beautiful memories, because every Christmas, like every holiday, was a Kodak moment I know Mom held deeply and dearly.

Even the days when I would get in-to some slight mischief (perhaps an understatement) Mom was always there. Since we are not focusing on me in Our Story, I will give a few highlights and you can form your own opinion. Mom used to say I was always in to things, Dennis the Menace was mentioned a few times if I recall correctly. Frequently Mom would say, David you were in to everything.  There wasn’t anything you couldn’t find or weren’t in to. Mom certainly accepted me for me and knew the mischief was enough to keep me out of trouble, the mischief was enough.

our Mom, Helen (Lentz) Romesburg walking on her hands.
Mom walking on her hands and this has to be before Mom had us six kids, I would think (grin).

I came across a photo of Mom, I’m not sure how old Mom was at the time this was taken. My best guess with this photo of Mom walking on her hands certainly has to be before Mom had the 6 (six) of us.  ‘Cause after Mom had the 6 (six) of us , she probably felt like she was upside down, with everything, or Mom could do whatever she always put her mind to.
We never went without, we always had what we needed, Mom made sure of that.

Sometimes its difficult to tune out the ‘static’ of some past memories, and really focus on ‘someone’ simply one person, our Mom. However over the years, you have to leave certain things in the past, where they belong.

Almost any one can say I Love You, and Mom always said how much she loved us, and that was certainly some thing you always felt. You ever tire of hearing someone say how much they love you and feeling that love every-single-day.  Mom loved us and every person she met.

Mom also worked a number of years when we started getting older and were able to take care of ourselves. Mom later then worked at a nursing home for well over 20 yrs.  I have an awesome brother with cognitive (brain related) special needs. He suffered from lack of oxygen at birth, then a few years later Mom and Randy were rear ended in a car accident. Because of the accident Randy had to have the side of skull reconstructed, he suffered a great deal of head/brain trauma. Both Randy and Mom were always the best of friends,  Mom and Randy even had a special wink to each other, that was their wink only!

Helen Grace (Lentz) Romesburg and Dave Romesburg
one of the few pictures you will see of me.

I only recently put together, in 2015 (3 years after Mom passed), had Randy not been there to help Mom with most of the day-to-day that Randy was capable of doing, Mom may not have been with us as long she was…. Mom was never sick a day that any of us can recall. Mom was diagnosed with lung CA (cancer) Dec. 2010, and Mom passed away May 2012.

During Moms cancer treatments, when her lungs weren’t very strong, she still didn’t stop. Mom would take off her oxygen and bake her grandchildren cupcakes.  Living those numerous moments, moments of someone who never complained about anything, and devoting her entire life to everyone Mom knew and loved, IS who Mom was and will always be.

This story is truly a life tribute to a person, our Mom, who radiated with so much for everyone, always and unconditionally. In more instances than I will ever understand, Mom rarely received much back. [In my own words] I am referring to respect, assistance, help with aspects with any of the day to day, errands, and a constant list that was always changing, while never ending.

Mom loved having fun, and enjoyed being surrounded by the ones she loved so dearly! Moms 64th birthday celebration surprise at Texas Roadhouse in Monaca, Pa.

Mom truly gave, forgave and never asked anything of anyone. Mom ALWAYS found the good in all people, regardless of how she was treated. In my mind, unless you lived in this experience, you would never be able to truly or fully understand.

When Mom passed in 2012, I felt I lost a huge part of who I was, and for a few years I was lost. Functional yet still felt so lost. What I eventually realized is; I am who I’ve always been because of Mom. I know Mom always wanted all of us to be happy. Mom made sure we had what we needed and never went without, especially the abundance of love, encouragement and tenderness Mom provided. Mom filled us with love, her zest for living and so much LOVE you could fill an ocean, many times over.

You can’t be more loving and genuine than Mom.

You see what you put in to life, is what you get out of life. Mom embodied who she was every minute of every single day. Though you never truly know someone’s life, unless you are walking in their shoes.  I do know Mom encouraged me, Mom encouraged all of us, to enjoy life, make the most of every moment, never look back and always look forward, make the most of every single minute and moment.

There are certain things you don’t realize when you were growing up, you simply feel different. Looking back, I realize those feelings were because of the few quirks I thought I have, and still do. Maybe more than a few, hmmmm, perhaps? In my mind that’s what makes us different from each other. I feel those quirks helped me later in life. On occasion, Mom would ask me, or mention certain things about growing up and my life. As I always told Mom when she would mention certain things; Mom you never need to worry about me, I have my Mom and the best friends any one person could ever ask for, I am truly blessed!

It is with Moms love, guidance and love for sweets [and that is putting it mildly] that hGrace Confections, llc. is born. Knowing my passion for what I do, comes from Mom. I can truly say, hGrace Confections are made from the heart, with our hands, for you to enjoy! The same as Mom did for each of us, every moment of every single day.

with love,