our Story

It is with Moms love, guidance and love for sweets (and that is putting it mildly) that hGrace Confections llc. was born. Knowing my passion with everything I do comes from my Mom. I can truly say, hGrace Confections are made from the heart, with our hands, for you to enjoy! Mom did this for each of us – every moment – of every single day.

our Mom, Helen (Lentz) Romesburg walking on her hands.
Mom walking on her hands and this has to be before Mom had us six kids, I would think (grin).

I’m not sure how old Mom was at the time this photo was taken, but it certainly had to be before she had the six of us. Thinking out loud; after Mom had all of us, she probably had to feel like this from time-to-time, right, I know I would! You would never know she felt any other way other than constant love. As Mom would say years later; ‘I live for my family’, and that is an immeasurable feeling!

My background was in Information Technology for 30 years. When Mom passed unexpectedly in 2012, I knew I wanted to do something more heart-felt. Later and unknowingly, this connection to starting hGrace Confections goes back to my childhood days. Throughout all of my life, Mom would make us treats with the simple ingredients she had available. I vividly recall nearly all of her treats and yummy creations!  Memories that will last a lifetime…

Mom always used all natural ingredients and never wavered. hGrace Confections crafts nostalgic confection favorites, the same way she did. Today, however we put an updated twist with our Confections (similar to Mom walking on her hands). I use only the best ingredients, handcrafted in small batches.
Those wonderful tastes have become part of ‘our snapshots in life’ while enjoying the elevated taste of all natural ingredients.

A very Heart-felt Thank You! Sincerely Dave Romesburg, proprietor

ps… Our Christmases were near storybook;  we would go to bed on Christmas eve and wake to a Christmas Wonderland 6 hours later.  Suddenly there was this beautifully decorated tree, presents that never disappointed,  and wrapping paper seemingly everywhere, it was crazy, and always FUN! Somewhat controlled chaos with 6 of us wanting to unwrap our presents at the same time. Every year growing up, and well into our adult years, Mom never changed.  I can still vividly recall Mom saying ‘open one present at a time.’ Mom genuinely wanted to see our expression as we unwrapped the perfect gift Mom spent time knowing we would enjoy, and we did.  I still laugh thinking about some of the beautiful memories, because every Christmas, like every holiday, was a Kodak moment I know Mom held deeply and dearly.