what goes great with Malted Milk?

we’ve spoken with a number of our friends and family to see what they thought went well with malted milk chocolate, here is what a few of them said;

‘malted milk chocolate with coffee is amazing! the coffee, malt and chocolate hit all of the right notes, for a truly awesome taste.’ kathy

‘I like malted milk swirl into my ice cream. I cut up the MALTLETS and put them over vanilla ice cream, chocolate is really good as well. I start stirring the ice cream around with the MALTLET pieces to let the ice cream melt some. Fantastic and you have ice cream with an elevated decadent chocolate with malted milk.’  christopher


discover Malted Milk

malted milk has been around since 1887. malt is a barley grain that has sprouted, dried and ground.  During this process the actual starches in the barley grain are converted to sugar, resulting in a sweet dried grain powder.